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Learning in pandemic!

By Fernando Damonte

In March 2020, when the pandemic arrived in Argentina we had to reinvent ourselves.

In my lessons planning process I integrated the DUPLO BUILD ME EMOTIONS SET (45018). I used the activity cards and bricks  to talk with the students about emotions. Also some activities to reflect with the Renewable Energy Add-on Set (9688) and Pneumatics Add-on Set (9641).

As I am always looking for new ways to improve the way I teach, I decided to talk to the local Partner (Educación Tecnologica) and I took the MINDSTORMS EV3 virtual course with Open Roberta Lab and Makecode platforms.

In May the local Partner,  sent me the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set (45678) and LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Expansion Set (45680) in order to make some research and build up some online activities with the SPIKE Prime solution.

This solution gave me the opportunity to develop, share and do a lot of activities for my students.

The virtual course for kids with Spike Prime Set, has been a unique experience with 9 years old kids. After 3 months of  been connected for two hours a week I saw a fantastic progress in thinking the code and creativity, for different constructions. My favourite project made by the boys was the Brick Dance Construction dancing  with the Pink Panther Show music.

Learning Mathematics Online

The pandemic boosted and improved my ideas. To explain the linear function concept I used the recycling truckthat is on theWeDo 2.0 set and app. Also to understand the characteristics of a slope, the use of energy , and some other concepts.

But most important my students had a lot of fun I have also used the BUILD ME EMOTIONS set to explain the scale concept, using the blocks and the scale drawing printed in the set box.

Robotics through online platforms

In September POTRERO DIGITAL (ONG) called me to develop a virtual robotics course for children and teenagers between 7 and 15 years old.

The course was via streaming and I apply the LEGO Education Methodology. I started with Bits and Bricks, then the Open Roberta Lab and finally the Mindstorms EV3 robot. This methodology encourages the reasoning, and by interacting directly with the problems explains how sensors work.

It is a very hard work to do this online but it is highly gratifying when students and their families express their gratitude for seen their kids so involved. Receiving the students homework on Saturday afternoon shows how involved they were with the projects.

“Some of the most crucial steps in mental growth are based not simply on acquiring new skills, but on acquiring new administrative ways to use what one already knows”

Marvin Minsky. Papert’s Principle

To summarize, I am very pleased  that I got my certification on LEGO SPIKE PRIME course and I am completing the WEDO 2.0 and MINSDTORMS EV3 Certification courses

I am a  passionate learner, It is through games and play  where the cooperative learning takes place. Students work together to maximize their own and each other’s learning. All students benefit since the focus is on the success of the team as a whole.

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